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Mac Repair

Maybe your Mac warranty has met its expiry date, or perhaps there aren't any Genius Bar near you. Computer Master offers the same high-quality repair service and advice without the premium price. All Mac repairs are done in-house as well. You can expect a cheaper and quicker service at a lower price.

We are just a call away from you, and so is our team of geniuses who will get your Mac running like new in no time. Hectic lifestyle and can't get your Mac to the Computer Master shop? No need to stress. Here at Computer Master, engineers work all days of the day, including evening. We also offer an emergency service during the weekends. We will go to your home or place of business, all to meet your lifestyle and work needs.

Water Damage Repairs for MacBook

All Apple products are covered by a one-year limited warranty, but this warranty doesn't cover your machine in the case of water damage, nor does the Apple Care Protection Plan. The repairing costs can end up burning a hole in your wallet. Getting your Apple product fixed up due to water damage can range anywhere from $300 to $1,500 depending on the product and model itself. Some individuals even resort to throwing away their damaged machine.

That's why our Apple water damage repair service is the quick and cost-effective solution to save your computer. Whether it’s a MacBook, a Pro, an Air or a desktop, we’ll replace the affected parts and get your computer working again without having to think about spending thousands of dollars.

Macbook Air Repairs

Quicker and cheaper than the branded repair alternatives, Computer Master is at your service. Just because it will cost you less, it doesn't mean we stop using high-quality parts and components when repairing your device. While it's not rocket science, it's genius. You can trust us with getting your MacBook Air back to life as our experienced engineers know all MacBooks inside-out.

Our MacBook Air services are available to you when you want, where you want. Whether it's late in the evening or the weekend, we are here for you.

Hard Drive Replacement for Your Mac

Our MacBook hard drive replacement service is fast, convenient, and best of all simple. Many assume that when their data disk dies on them, it's the end of the line for it. But don't throw it away assuming it has turned into a hunk of junk just yet. Ring us up, and we will solve any hard drive problems you have got! Whether it be taking the damaged drive out and replacing it with a fully functioning one or repairing your already existing drive, all HDD repairs are performed by highly experienced professionals.

Our Mac engineers will quickly diagnose any date issues and in many cases, repair them on the spot. As 90% of Mac issues they have encountered were able to be resolved by the engineer on the same day the machine has been brought in.

Battery Replacement for Your MacBook

Your MacBook battery has died on you? Don't be too quick in confining your laptop to the junk pile in your closet just yet. Our MacBook service is fast, practical, and no matter the model it's usually completed within the same day. We will even pick your computer up from your home or work for you.

When you buy a MacBook, you expect to buy a good-quality piece of technology. Quite unfortunately, the solid unibody enclosed aluminium machine comes with a pay-off. They're not designed to be opened by non-professional such as most owners. Apple officially recommends users to return their computer as a whole once the battery has come to the end of its life to their nearest Apple store.

An official Apple battery repair can become quite costly, and if you don't live near an Apple Store or Genius Bar, it can also become time-consuming. Here at Computer Master, we use the same quality batteries you would get if paying for an Apple Premium battery replacement service for a fraction of the price and time.

iMac Repairs

Has your iMac gone kaput? No need to fret. Our iMac repair team is at your disposal seven days a week to diagnose, fix, and return your computer good as new in half the time a Genius Bar would. Since all repairs are done in-house, this means no extra time or charge is taken to send your computer to a third-party location.

Hey, wait: wouldn't that mean you aren't using Apple-approved replacement parts on my iMac? Not at all! We give the same iMac repair service any Genius Bar or brand alternative does, only our service is done faster, more convenient and cheaper.

Here at Computer Master, we use all the same high-quality components Apple uses in their repairs if you sent them your iMac to repair it. We fit the parts into your computer in our shop, and our price reflects the product cost rather than the brand name. Since our service includes picking up and dropping off your computer back to you ourselves, you don't have to worry about extra shipping and handling fees.

Macbook Keyboard Replacementa

Stuck or broken keys are a problem of the past with our keyboard repair and replacement service. Our service is quick and reliable. Computer Master only uses genuine spare parts so you get the same high-quality keyboard and backlight you would from an Apple repair shop. Since you won't have to send your iMac away, our service will also be quicker.

Computer Master's iMac repair services are more cost-effective than Apple's Genius Bars and alternative brand shops. While they charge for their brand name, we charge you for the cost of service and parts used. We have fixed prices, so you know exactly how much you're paying before we receive our computer.

Mac Screen Replacements

Has your Mac screen cracked or broken? Our Mac screen repair service is highly convenient no matter your schedule. Because no third-party is involved in our repairs, they're all quickly done in-house.

Our service is simple, all you got to do is call us. If you don't have the time to bring your computer to the shop, we always go to your home or place of work to examine your machine, take it back to the shop to fit the new screen in and get it back to by the next day. It's that's easy. We keep a vast variety of screens in our shop, always prepared for any repair we might get.

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